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Is the wildlife

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Are termites

costing you money?

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Are bats

putting your family at risk?

The Authority in Charlotte and the Carolinas

The Pest Control Authority’s mission is to protect the health and welfare of our clients, their families, homes and environments. We provide the highest quality of pest prevention services using the best principles of integrated pest management.

The Pest Control Authority is the authority in Charlotte and the Carolinas for pest control.  

We can offer a custom solution for almost any type of pest problem, whether it is a squirrel running through your attic, termites eating your home, a colony of bats living in a building or mosquitoes invading your yard. We have state certified wildlife damage control agents on staff to help you with any wildlife issues you may have including Raccoon removalBat control, Rodent Prevention and Squirrel removal.

What’s Bugging You?



Bed Bugs
Large Predators

Residential Services

We are Charlotte’s Choice For Residential Pest Control Services. In our efforts to be environmentally friendly and keep your home pest free, we utilize many green procedures and techniques while still attaining the best results. We also trap and exclude beavers, moles, muskrats, snakes, opossums, coyotes, foxes, birds, pigeons, rats and mice.

Commercial Services

Each commercial service program is designed specifically for that unique building or site after thorough inspections and discussions with management. Depending on these results and the client’s needs, we provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and on-call services.We are Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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