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Pest Control & Wildlife Removal Services In Charlotte & Winston-Salem

We can offer a custom solution for almost any type of pest problem, whether it’s termites eating your business or home, a colony of bats living in a building, a squirrel running through your attic, or mosquitoes invading your yard. We have state-certified pest control and wildlife damage control agents on staff to help you with any pest control or wildlife issues you may have including bird removal and exclusionbat controlrodent prevention, and squirrel and raccoon removal.

At The Pest Control Authority, we are dedicated to excellence. Our vision is to become the premier pest control and wildlife company in our industry by building partnerships and protecting the community through excellence in all we do.

If mice are becoming a problem at your home or business call the professionals! We’ll come to your location, assess your pest or rodent problems and design a treatment plan to take care of your issue!

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What’s Bugging You?

Are roaches a problem in your home or business? If so, call our offices in Charlotte or WInston-Salem today!
Termite swarming got you nervous. If you live in WInston-Salem or Charlotte call our office now.
If you have a mosquito problem we have the solution. Call right now


We can rid your home or business of spiders. If you live in the Winston-Salem or Charlotte area we have an office for you!
If you have bedbugs we can help. Bedbug eradication service in WInston-Salem and Charlotte
Bed Bugs
Get rid of annoying flies in Charlotte and WInston-Salem right now!
Squirrels in your attic? We can take care of it. Call our WInston-Salem or Charloote office for help
Squirrels in your attic? We can take care of it. Call our WInston-Salem or Charloote office for help
Pesky raccoons causing issues at your home or business? Call our Wildlife Services division in Winston-Salem or Charlotte.
Coyote removal services in WInston-Salem and Charlotte
Large Predators


Any commercial building or business can come under attack from unwanted pests. They can invade any nook or cranny where an opening may exist. A pest outbreak can lead to lost customers and lost business. Pests can also present an unhealthy risk of disease to your employees and potential customers. If you see bugs in your facility it is of vital importance that you contact a commercial pest control expert. The Pest Control Authority can design and implement a comprehensive bug control solution that can include ant control, termite control, bat removal, cockroach control, general commercial pest control, or wildlife removal and more.

Our commercial service program is designed specifically for each unique building or site after thorough inspections and discussions with management. Depending on these results and the client’s needs, we provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and on-call services. We utilize Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

We also utilize the basic principles of urban integrated pest management (UIPM). This system combines preventative and corrective measures to keep pests from causing significant problems.

With over 40 years of experience, our team of commercial exterminators will work with you to ensure you are protected against pests in your Charlotte, NC or Winston-Salem, NC business or property all year long.



We are Charlotte’s choice for residential pest services. In our efforts to be environmentally friendly and to keep your home pest free, we utilize many green procedures and techniques while still attaining the best results. We also trap and exclude beavers, moles, muskrats, snakes, opossums, birds, pigeons, rats, and mice.

In business since 1980 we have the experience to handle any residential pest or wildlife problem you may have. We know that pest and wildlife activity happen year round and are prepared to design a specific plan to alleviate any pest control issues you may currently have. Bugs are active every season and your home needs year-round protection. Your home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and our team of exterminators are committed to providing safe pest solutions to help you protect your home and your family.

Let The Pest Control Authority handle your residential or commercial pest and wildlife issues in the Charlotte, NC & Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding area. For more pest control tips or helpful resources, call our team in Charlotte at 704-377-2847 or our team in Winston-Salem, NC or 336-893-6616.

You may also contact us online to get started today!