Why you need to be aware of and manage water and moisture in your home environment

Like us, all living things need water, food and habitat to exist. Without any one of these all living organisms will die. If water intrudes into your home directly or via humidity in the air, your house then becomes the home and food source for insects, mold, mildew and other pests.

In our area, homes have been built on crawlspaces and basement foundations the same way for over one hundred years, These homes “breathed” by pulling fresh air from everywhere throughout the structure. This was fine, but muggy. Since the energy crisis in the seventies we started sealing homes to conserve energy.

New energy efficient/sealed homes “breathe” by pulling fresh moist air into your not energy efficient crawlspace/basement and pulling that air up through your house into your living space and then out through your attic vents (the chimney effect).

As the moisture laden air enters the lower levels it cools and leaves water to join any other existing moisture (leaks, drainage, etc.); like the condensation on a cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. This in turn allows mold, mildew and wood destroying insects to grow, thrive and attack the underside of your home. This water rots and rusts all the building materials that make up the foundation of your home.

The mold spores (microscopic “seeds” that are everywhere) begin to grow and “eat” the starch and cellulose in the wood, Wood destroying termites and beetles move in and do the same thing. Other animals take up residence as the food chain grows.

Your only signs of all this will be the dank, musty smells in your house; visible signs of mold growth and damages to walls, floors and other structural members; your energy bills growing as your heating and cooling systems try and fight the ever increasing moisture problems; or your family’s increasing allergies, illness or breathing problems.

Not only is moisture costing you extra energy dollars, it is jeopardizing your family’s health and slowly destroying one of your most important investments – your home.


Remove the unwanted water and moisture in your home.

Fix leaks, correct drainage and stop any other obvious water intrusion.

Utilize good, safe, long lasting, GREEN materials to seal the dirt floor, walls and vents of your crawlspace/basement and seal out the moist air. Install a heavy duty dehumidifier to lower the water vapor in the air. This whole process is called ENCAPSULATION. Finally, you need to set up an easy way to monitor the air to insure the ongoing success of your program and the continued health of your home.

With no water and low humidity the insects and pests will vacate, the mold and mildew will die, rot and rust will cease and clean air will circulate up into your living area.


Contact the Pest Control Authority to have a state certified, experienced professional inspect your home. They will do a thorough visual inspection and take pictures of your house from the crawlspace to the attic, inside and out. They will take samples of the wood moisture content in your home’s structural members as well as the water vapor amounts in the air in your crawlspace/basement. They will provide you with all the information you need to be able to make an educated decision to implement a cost effective, holistic solution to your home’s and your family’s health.