Insect Identification

There are thousands of insects and many of them are harmless.  When it comes to the species that are more hazardous and present a clear danger to your family and property here are a few to be on the look out for.
Camel cricket

They are occasional pest inside homes. large numbers can cause damage to some fabrics. They will attack paper and all kinds of food.

Odorous house ant

A very common pest found inside. If crushed emits a pungent odor. Often nest inside of walls and in structural voids.


They are occasional pest inside homes. Easily recognized by their pinchers at the end of their abdomen. Primarily scavengers of dead animal and plant material.

American roach

Commonly referred to as the water bug or the palmetto bug, this is a common indoors pest.

Fire Ants

Not commonly an indoors pest. Easily recognizable by their mound of soil. They have a very painful sting which may cause a pustule.

Carpenter Bees

Closely resemble bumble bees, however they bore tunnels into wood so larve can develop. A sure sign of these bees is sawdust flowing from a small hole on the exterior of a structure.

Powderpost Beetles

Rarely if ever seen. Most commonly infest in rough sewn wood in the sub-structure of the home. Damaged wood will have pinhole openings with flowing with frass (wood dust and insect parts)


Homeowner usually discovers infestation due to a “swarm”…The reproductive stage. However this stage has no chewing mouthparts and is not an immediate concern. there are still worker termites in the walls or floors which are eating the wooden members