New Construction Pest Control & Wildlife Services

All new construction in North and South Carolina is required by building code to be treated for termites by a licensed pest control company. This requirement is for all commercial buildings, residential homes, and additions to existing structures.

The Pest Control Authority knows the importance of using the best available chemicals and methods possible to keep your business and home protected against termites and other pests. We currently work with large construction companies and custom home builders that trust us to deliver the highest-quality products and services. Many of our builders are on a strict timeline which is why we place emphasis on our rapid response time. All of our termite and other pest treatments come with a warranty that fits our clients’ needs.

Contact The Pest Control Authority for a quote on your next building project – call us at 704-377-2847 or contact us online.

Residential New Construction Pest Control & Wildlife Services

For residential new construction sites, our pest control and wildlife experts make it simple and convenient to protect a new structure. We will work with your and your family’s schedule, using only the highest-quality products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State Department of Agriculture.

We will work with you and your residential property workers to ensure your new home is clear of unwanted pests and wildlife.

Simply call our team at 704-377-2847 or contact us online to schedule a new or pre-construction pest and wildlife treatment.

Commercial New Construction Pest Control & Wildlife Services

For commercial new construction sites, our team at The Pest Control Authority works to keep your brand-new workspace clear of pests and wildlife.

By pre-treating during the construction process, our team is able to effectively create a barrier against future termite and wildlife problems. That way, construction workers and builders get peace of mind. Our team will always work around your building schedule, not ours, and we will offer some of the most competitive pest and wildlife pre-treatment pricing in the Charlotte area.

Schedule New Construction Pest Control in the Greater Charlotte Area

Our new construction pest and wildlife prevention service begins with a thorough inspection to identify any current infestations or conditions conducive to pests. Next, we recommend any corrective measures or exclusion techniques. Preventative chemical applications are made to the exterior of the structure to repel insect and wildlife invaders, and interior treatments are applied as needed to eradicate any spot infestations.

To protect your Charlotte, NC new construction residential or commercial property from pests and wildlife, trust The Pest Control Authority – call our team at 704-377-2847 or contact us online.