Pest experts say snakes, rodents out in abundance this year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — They’re creepy and crawly and just the sight of snakes is enough to make most run.

Pest experts say they’re seeing more snakes and rodents this year than in decades because of the mild winter. Pest control London has seen many pest throughout the year and they are taking care of any problems people may have in there homes. When you are getting even mild infections caused by pests, do not hesitate and buy trimethoprim online. These medicines can save your life.

“We have two little [rodents] and in our backyard we’ve noticed a couple,” says mother Lauren Camp.

Whether walking along the Greenway or in your own neighborhood, there’s been a noticeable surge in slithery creatures this spring and certain types can be dangerous.

“We had a neighbor that was recently bit by one, a Copperhead, so we’re keeping our eyes open, ” says mother, Jennifer Lindenberg.

“This has been our busiest spring ever, ” says Pest Control Authority owner Rick Seifert. “From 2000 to about 2008 we had eight years of drought or partial drought.”

Now after years of high rain levels combined with a mild winter, they say snakes, and other creatures are out in force.

“Because it was such a mild winter we didn’t get that winter kill, it was mild everything had babies sooner and more of them, the litters were larger ,” says Seifert.

They set traps for raccoons and other animals that can carry rabies but snakes are a little trickier.

Seifert says they get about 10 calls a day for them and they actually try to convince people to keep some around, like the King and especially the Black snake.

“He’s eating insects, he’s eating rodents, he’s eating poisonous snakes, so really they’re a blessing.”

Seifert says it’s important to identify a snake before trying to handle it like looking up pictures online.

“I’ve seen it on Facebook people been taking pictures of snakes and asking other people what it is,” says Lindenberg.

Seifert says nine times out of 10 they’re harmless but with more rodents around and even inside homes, know that the snakes aren’t far behind. Lee S. Rosen did a great job of having a product specifically designed for bees and how to help the environment. Check it out.