Charlotte-Area Rats & Mice

Do you hear scampering noises coming from inside your walls? Have you stumbled upon mouse droppings inside your home or commercial business? If you answered yes, you could have a rodent infestation problem on your hands.

The best way to eradicate rodent populations in your home or business—and prevent them from coming back—is through professional pest removal services. The Pest Control Authority understands how rodent populations grow and develop, and we have the skills and experience to safely, effectively remove mice, rats, and other rodents from your space. Let us help you get rid of the rodents for good!

The Pest Control Authority is ready to assist you with your mice and rat problem. If you suspect that you have a rodent issue, call 704-377-2847 or contact us online for rat removal help today.

Rat Facts

Stubborn survivalists, rats and mice can—and will—eat almost anything to meet their nutritional needs and stay active inside your home or business. Not only guilty of stealing food and leaving droppings, rodents are also to blame for spreading a wide variety of life-threatening diseases. These include the plague, typhoid, dysentery, salmonellosis, and campylobacteriosis (food poisoning).

Because rats and rodents can chew through heavy-duty materials—such as lead, cinderblock, brick, mortar, and uncured concrete—population prevention can be extremely difficult. It takes help from a team of skilled pest control technicians to effectively eliminate a rodent infestation in your Charlotte home or business.

The Pest Control Authority uses the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques to keep rats, mice, and other rodents from taking over your North Carolina living space.

Both rats and mice cause serious problems in your home or business. For the services of a professional rat and mouse exterminator in Charlotte, call 704-377-2847 for a quote.

What to Expect During Your Rat Control Appointment in the Charlotte Area

When you choose The Pest Control Authority for your rodent prevention and eradication service, our team will conduct a thorough, all-inclusive inspection to identify the exact type of rodent invading your personal space. We’ll locate nesting areas and identify feeding patterns to fully understand the degree and severity of your rodent infestation problem.

Using baits can be problematic, resulting in mice and rats crawling off to unreachable areas to die and produce noxious odors as they decay. Instead, our team carefully identifies all points of entry to begin a comprehensive trapping program. We’ll then create rat and mice exclusions using rodent-resistant materials to ensure no pests are trapped inside your home or business.

The Pest Control Authority also provides Charlotte residents with our available rat and mouse exclusion warranty and ongoing rodent reduction programs for areas with higher exterior rodent populations.

Rodents are a serious problem in the Greater Charlotte area. Whether you’re dealing with rats or mice, you need an exterminator that will get the job done. Call 704-377-2847 for effective mice and rat control services that are backed by our exclusion warranty.

Where Do We Serve?

Our team offers the services of a rat exterminator and mouse removal services in much of the Greater Charlotte area. This includes the North Carolina cities of Concord, Cornelius, Gastonia, Huntersville, Indian Trail, Kannapolis, Matthews, Mint Hill, Monroe, and Mooresville, as well as the South Carolina cities of Fort Mill and Rock Hill.

If you live in one of these communities and are struggling with a rodent problem, don’t wait. Contact The Pest Control Authority for help today.

Effective Rat Control in the Greater Charlotte Area

The Pest Control Authority is ready to help you with effective rat control and mouse removal services that do not create greater problems for your home or business. By eliminating points of entry and trapping and removing the rodents, we can not only get rid of your existing infestation but also prevent a new one from forming. We have been serving the area for over 40 years, and are ready to put that experience to work for your home or business.

In Charlotte and the surrounding communities, The Pest Control Authority is the answer you need for your rat or mouse infestation. Call 704-377-2847 or contact us online for your rat extermination appointment.