Common Commercial Pest Control Challenges & Solutions

Commercial businesses in Charlotte and the surrounding communities need to do their part to protect their employees and customers from pests. Yet there are specific challenges that commercial properties face as they try to keep pests at bay. The Pest Control Authority is dedicated to helping you find and eradicate the pests in your building, so you can provide a clean, safe place for your workers and customers. From roaches and bed bugs to mice and rats, here are some of the challenges commercial clients face.

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Decisive Action Against Roaches

In commercial buildings, roaches are a serious problem. Roaches live in the storm drains and sewers around and beneath buildings, and can easily move into the space through the plumbing lines. At The Pest Control Authority, we will identify these entry points and build a plan to seal them, then use effective pesticides to stop existing infestations.

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Commercial Rat & Mice Extermination in Charlotte, NC

Rodents, specifically rats and mice, are another problem that commercial properties in Charlotte face. Every city in America has rats in its sewers, and Charlotte is no exemption. These critters survive on little water, and commercial dumpsters or kitchen areas can attract them because of the food they contain. When you contact The Pest Control Authority, we will inspect your property to find the areas where the rodents are living and breeding. We will then create a customer commercial pest control plan that uses exclusion, trapping, and baiting to eliminate the rodents in your property. Each plan is specific to the building it is created for, so you can be confident that it will work.

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Commercial Pest Control Services for Bed Bugs in the Greater Charlotte Area

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, bed bug activity in office buildings and commercial properties has increased as well. Bed bugs do not transmit disease, but they are a nuisance that can take a toll on your business and its employees. The Pest Control Authority provides multiple solutions for our clients, including K-9 inspections, heat and chemical treatments, and maintenance plans, to make bed bugs a thing of the past. These commercial pest control services are available outside of normal business hours, so you can keep running your company successfully.

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Trust The Pest Control Authority for All Commercial Pest Control Needs in the Charlotte Area

Bed bugs, roaches, and rodents are just some of the types of pests commercial buildings can struggle with. Ants, spiders, wasps, ladybugs, flies, and many other types of pests can also bring problems to the area. For the past 33 years, The Pest Control Authority has been partnering with commercial clients to assess pest control needs. We have a fast response time, excellent communication, and easy-to-understand billing. The Pest Control Authority takes care of it all, so our commercial customers and their employees can feel safe and secure.

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