Ladybug Removal & Management Services in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina summers are great fun; however, when your home gets filled with ladybugs, it can make the warm weather a little less fun. Buying ladybug or other insect repellent from the store may temporarily rid your NC home of the pests, but you will need professional pest control services to completely remove the ladybugs from your property.

The Pest Control Authority offers superior ladybug treatments for customers throughout Charlotte, Concord, Indian Trail, and the surrounding region. Our state-of-the-art pest control process eliminates breeding areas to significantly reduce the ladybug population around your home or business.

Before planning your summer events, call The Pest Control Authority at 704-377-2847 to get the ladybug removal services you need.

What You Need to Know About Ladybugs

Size: Ladybugs are usually about one-quarter of an inch in length and round in shape.

Color: Ladybugs come in many colors, but their wings are usually red or orange with a few specks of black.

Behavior: Ladybugs like heated, warm areas. The warmth attracts them into buildings where they crawl into cracks and stay there.

Ladybug Pest Control in Charlotte, NC

The best way to control ladybug infestation is by bringing in pest control experts like The Pest Control Authority. When ladybugs are inside your home already, it’s better for a professional to find and treat the right areas to minimize the number of ladybugs inside. If your Charlotte, NC home experiences an overwhelming issue with ladybugs, take the following steps:

  • Seal as many cracks and holes on the outside of your house as possible, especially the sides where the sun heats the home during the late summer and fall.
  • Be sure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens.
  • Check all the vents.
  • Call pest control professionals to treat the outside of your house, especially near the eaves. This treatment should be completed in mid-to-late August.

Schedule Ladybug Control in the Greater Charlotte Area

When ladybugs threaten your Charlotte summertime fun, get the help you need from a team of trusted pest control professionals at The Pest Control Authority. Our knowledgeable pest control experts have the skills and tools necessary to effectively eliminate ladybug infestations from your home or commercial business.

Contact The Pest Control Authority at 704-377-2847 today for expert ladybug control services that can restore a healthy environment to your Charlotte home or business!

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