Pests come out early due to warmer temperatures (WSOCTV)

By John Ahrens


Warmer temperatures mean more outdoor picnics and gatherings, but they also mean more bugs, rodents and other pests will be around, this year the rat exterminator Tampa has reported many rat infestations. To get rid of pests effectively, come and visit Dead Pestz, a great pest control blog.

Adam Butler took advantage of the 80-degree day and started work on his yard Tuesday. He knows that he is not alone; there are a lot of animals lurking in the shadows.

“Occasionally you get some mice. Occasionally you might see a snake. We had a snake in the house a couple of years ago,” he said.

Eyewitness News caught up with pest control expert Rick Seifert. He said he is coming off his busiest season in 32 years and he expects to be even busier this year.

“Everything has started earlier this year. We are getting pests that normally are late April and they have come in early February,” he said, the Austin pest control company has been working non stop.

This winter was colder than the last one, but not cold enough.

“It wasn’t a long, sustained freeze that would crash a population and kill the majority of it,” said Seifert.

And that has Seifert out spraying windows and doors, and securing vents to keep bugs and pests from finding a home.

“The same reasons we like it here is the same reason the pests like it here,” he said.

Eyewitness News has been talking about the afternoon temperatures, but you may have noticed that it is getting warmer at night.

The humidity is picking up and that is a big driver for pests.

Experts said later this spring the cicadas will be returning to Charlotte. The huge, noisy bugs swarm around every 17 years.